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Current Timeline


Wks 1-7: Doubt myself, question my concept, wonder 'Am I cut out for this? Will I even graduate?', smack some sense into myself, get valuable feedback from Memo, change idea roughly 4 more times, settle on a cool idea, one more self doubt, more valuable Memo wisdom, TIME TO THRIVE AND WIN!!! 

Wk 8: Write Arduino code + prototype mechanics (LEDs, Range Finder, and some kind of motor, probably Servo unless I can get Stepper Motor to work)


Final 160A, wk 9: Present Arduino prototype, feel instant relief

Wk 10: Finalize website documentation, write final paper, being to collect stories

Spring Break: Collect & record stories from friends, family, and anonymous sources if possible. Order disposable camera & more parts


Wk 11: Based on 160A Final feedback, adjust project & order parts to scale up tech components. Ensure all stories are compiled and recorded, brainstorm what to photograph the following week & reserve a DSLR


Wk 12: Figure out hoe to connect audio files into Arduino tech. Take photographs so they will be ready to get printed & retrieve in time


Wk 13: Debug and refine Arduino code, work on the timing of motion sensors, LEDs, etc. Design/model the build of the pillar


Wk 14: Make essential parts of pillar build, pick up photographs. Put all components together (Arduino tech & photographs into pillar). Begin user testing


Wk 15 Midterm crit: Code is refined. All photographs & tech ready and inside the pillar


Wk 16-Wk 17: Finish pillar and continue User Testing, adjust based on feedback from midterm critique

Wk 17-18: Final code and setup revisions based on user testing (wiring security, external power sources, etc). Final debugging 


Wk 19: Final 160B: Present Finished Piece in class Crit 


Wk 20: Gallery installation and exhibition 


Finals Week Spring: Show, be free, graduate!!!

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