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Current Prototype

Current tech Prototype features an Arduino UNO, 2 HC-SR04 Rangefinders, one FS5103R Continuous Servo, a standard 3W 8Ohm Speaker, and a DFPlayer Mini. The mirco SD card in the DFPlayer Mini only has about 9 MB (about 6 minutes) of continuous audio, but can hold up to 32 GB. The RFs trigger the Servo + 2 wheels to push photographs out from a prototype tray. There will be a light weight added on top of the photos to add some more friction

Next steps with this are to solder the wires + parts, finalize the supports for the photograph tray, and assemble it all in/onto a physical structure (that part is a mystery to me right now). I will also continue to take pictures and collect stories to add in, closer to the final show date.

Video of the Rangefinders, Servo, and DFPlayer Mini working together


Diagram of the wiring, I have since wired the DFPlayer Mini to

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