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Physical Media

These are projects that primarily rely on their physical being in order to convey something, if anything at all! Because a lot of my art crosses over into other disciplinaries, certain pieces were difficult to place. But, I think you'll understand why these are all here! While I can't let you touch the actual projects, I hope photos and the digital files will suffice!

A Little Lost, Not Quite Forgotten

A Little Lost, Not Quite Forgotten is a book art project about the objects we have and the memories attached to them. I wanted examine my own tendencies to hold on to things I no longer need, but can't seem to let go of, as well as things that I often use, but have since adopted a different emotional connection to. Each page has an image of the object on the front, and then a brief excerpt on the back. The book is divided into two categories, 'From those we love' and 'From those we loved'.

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