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Film Projects

Short films; some silly, some serious, and some of me just yapping (okay, most of them are me just yapping)


This Project is Trash

A collaborative experimental film that aims to highlight the entangled relationship that human society has with waste; should that relationship continue? Warning, fish guts and blood ;(


Manic Monday

Manic Monday is a first-person point of view stalker story with a twist. An analogue style short film with voiceover, using a disposable camera.


Time, regret, and growth

My thoughts on regret and change, with an emphasis on time editing ... and a lot of broken glass!


Found Footage

Is your screen time as high as mine? Probably not... but what do you think your little FBI phone agent sees?


My Universal Truth

Death? Scary? Pssh, no way. It's bound to happen, and maybe that's ok in the end? *I have since learned that it is in fact scary*

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