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Tech Prototype

Current Prototype features an HC-SR04 Rangefinder, an LED, and an SG90 Mirco Servo. I would prefer to be using a Stepper Motor but I couldn't figure out the error in my code/what the issue was, so we settle! A Servo will 100% work in the long run too, but 1) I have never worked with a Stepper Motor and thought it would be fun to try something new, and 2) I know that a Stepper Motor can get pretty precise movement control, which in theory could help minimize slight mistakes with the photo pushing mechanism. After presenting this for the final I will purchase more parts, I just wanted to start very basic for now to get a feel for what works & should be pursued.

If I had more time to adjust this, here's what I would try to do:

  1. stepper motor :(

  2. show the servo actually dropping something/make the photograph falling concept more obvious

  3. code some cases for the servo so that it's set to drop photos incrementally over time, as long as the Rangefinder is still able to detect someone

Video of the working Prototype


Image of the wiring

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