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About Me

I've always been a creative person, but I considered it as just a hobby for most of my life. I dabbled in different majors in Community College until ultimately coming to the realization that an artistic & design-oriented field was best for me. Since transferring into the UC San Diego Interdisciplinary and Computing Arts Major program in the fall of 2022, I have been making lots of art across different mediums. In my own time I am learning more about User Experience and hope to go down that career path, as it is an impactful field that combines technology and art! 

I am originally from the Bay Area, but have grown to love Southern California over the last four years. My main inspirations for art come from mental health, intimacy, humor, and sometimes crossovers between them! I want my art to make people feel, think, and laugh a little harder.​​

I am still very much so an 'Artist In Progress,' so follow along to see me grow into just an Artist :-)​​

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