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Initial Timeline 


Wk 2: Figure out more of the specific concept details (bedroom layout, the 'ending', what will the objects + memories be, draw bedroom layout, etc), order more wires & pressure sensors for Arduino.


Wk 3-4: Film & edit 1 memory. Basic Arduino testing to figure out which pressure sensors to use (Velostat vs. FSR), lights, and properly soldering the wires and PCB boards. Figure out if tech for displaying videos should be Arduino based or manually done.


Wk 5: Midterm - Proof of Concept. Demo Arduino parts + individual code: ability to turn off lights when pressure is removed, ability to start a video (assuming I get far enough with the lights). Demo memory video & drawings of physical setup.


Wks 7-8: Concept revisions based on feedback from midterm crit. Write code to put all the elements together (pressure sensors, lights, video, audio). 


Wk 9:  Final 160A: Arduino code is running and pressure sensors, lights, video, and audio are successfully connected.

Wk 11: Order/thrift set furniture and memory objects, ensure all memory videos are conceptualized/fully written out.


Wk 12-14: Film the memory videos. Debug and refine the Arduino code. Work on the timing of the memory videos. Have a rough set layout. Begin user testing. 


Wk 15 Midterm crit: Code is refined. All furniture & objects purchased; get furniture set up


Wk 16-Wk 17: User Testing and Rehearsal with furniture/objects

Wk 17-18: Final code and setup revisions based on user testing (are all cords long enough? Do you need extensions? Are all cords secured?).  Final debugging. 


Wk 19: Final 160B: Present Finished Piece in Crit. 


Wk 20: Gallery install and exhibition. 


Finals Week Spring: Show.

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